How do plant straws work?

Plant straws are made up of two parts:
the straw and the cord! 

The straw

The arch, the metal tube, is what actually makes it a plant straw. It lets you play and style it. Maybe give an old vase a touch of magic energy that's enough not just for your plant but also your room, your window sill, your friends and yourself!

(The straw works double shifts: it also stops the water that's led through the cord from evaporating into the surrounding air instead of going into your plant.) 🤷‍♀️

The cord

The straw to the cord: without you I'm nothing! 💔 

The cord conducts the water. Moisten the cord, place one end in water and then off we go! The capillary action will make sure the cord stays moist. Moist cord = OPEN BAR for the plant! Just place a section of wet cord into a potted plant to keep the soil moist. Just remember you’re still the adult in charge. 😏  Adjust the moisture level by adjusting the length of cord in the soil. Wash, cut down, or replace the cord as it wears out over time. 

 plant straws cord image

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