I've just installed - but nothing happens?

Q: There's water in the vase, but as far as I can tell, the water level does not really get any lower, and my plants are looking thirsty. I just installed the Plant Straw a week ago. What's wrong?

A: It's important to allow some time for the roots to settle and find their way down to the bottom of the pot where the wet rope is. If your plants are sensitive or if the leaves are droopy, water your plants from the top as usual for the first two weeks or so to give the roots ample time to establish themselves. Then, space out the watering routine until you reach the desired schedule, such as once a month, and give the plant some extra water when you shift water in the vase.

Keep in mind that it's normal for the top layer of soil to dry out, similar to any bottom watering method. Additionally, you will most likely find that the amount of water the plants require will be significantly less compared to when you water from the top. So, a smaller vase will last a lot longer than one might expect. Instead of solely relying on the water level, observe the plant itself to determine whether it is receiving enough water or not.