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Clay Vase

Clay Vase

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Miniature Clay Vase by DBKD

Ceramic vases with textured glazes, every item has a unique look. The black ones are more rustic, with a textured surface that varies from grey to deep black. The brown ones are matte, and have a softer but still textured surface with tiny dots in a darker shade of brown.

Together with the irregular round shape the product has a genuin feeling, really cute! Imagine soft, round rocks in the shadow of a cliff on a warm, sunny beach. This versatile ceramic vase is obviously the perfect pairing with a plant and Plantstraw on a window sill, single flowers or just as a decorative item on it's own.

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The narrow opening makes less water evaporate to the surrounding air, and helps your plantstraw stand up.

Also great for supporting cuttings and flowers!


It’s easy to clean with our cleaning beads, soap and water. For best results, I recommend using a soft brush to carefully remove any dirt or debris from the textured surface. And don't forget to refill regularly to keep your plants healthy and thriving!

Origins & Materials

Ceramic. Waterproof. Made in China.


Ø 11cm, high 11cm. (Ø 4.3in, 4.3in high),
Will pair well with both sizes of Plantstraws

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  • Step 1

    Moisten the entire wick!

  • Step 2

    Circle a length of the wick at the bottom of the pot, or loosely around the roots.

    Pro tip: A longer length means more moisture for your plant!

  • Step 3

    Put your plant into the pot, add soil and water and stabilize!

    You're ready to show off your new setup!

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  • Awarded Design

    Sensual, sinuous, beautiful, and functional, wins this year's "Best in Show" at Formex Design Talents"

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  • Selected Gift

    Sculptural and gallery-worthy Plant Care!

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  • Recommended Plantcare

    "And these plants have never been happier. They went from no new leaves, to new leaves on every stem. My monstera deliciosa is even getting leaves with fenestrations!”

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Customer Reviews

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Texture, color, shape, utility are all important in my mind. Plantstraw containers hold all of these traits. These beautiful and useful containers continue the aura presented in the simple but elegant use of plant straws.
The texture, colors, and shapes are just perfect for the mission of caring for our beautiful and useful houseplants. Thank you!


I am adding to my straw collection using different colors of blue, black, and brown. All arrived in a timely manner and their elegance and usefulness inspire me!
I am having great plant success with the plant straws my plants are healthy and growing!


Everything about the Plantstraws products is beautiful. I am enjoying the look of this age old watering technique. My begonias have never looked better! I am thrilled with this watering technique.