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Hump Vase

Hump Vase

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The Hump

My new star: The Hump Vase! Why settle for a boring vase when you can have a Hump? 

The glass has a visible seam on both sides, and the material has some flaws and impurities: but no one perfect so let's embrace imperfections 😋

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    The narrow opening makes less water evaporate to the surrounding air, and helps your plant straw stand up. Also great for supporting cuttings and flowers.

    Safety Precautions

    Fire hazard. Please note that glass objects in direct sunlight can potentially reflect high concentrated beams of light and start fires. Therefore avoid placing the glass globe in direct sunlight.


    - The Hump can be used with Plant Straws or as a vase for single flowers

    - The size of the opening may slightly, and there are some impurities in the glass

    Origins & Materials

    Glass. Made in China.


    Low Hump: 8x9 cm (3.1x2.5in),
    High Hump 8x12.5 cm (3.1x4.9in)

    The High Hump works will work well with both sizes of Plant Straws, but I recommend the Low one only for the smaller straws.

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