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Plant Straws Set

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One in each size! ✌️

This is a set of two Plant Straws, one in each size. Pick your colors! 

🐦🍪 Sale! 🍪🐦

Enjoy 20 % off all sets that include a Pigeon Blue or a Cookie Beige Plant Straw!


Plantstraws are designed to provide a slow steady flow of moisture, adjustable to suit your plant

Built to last - wash, cut off or replace the cord when needed, keep the Plant straw forever!

Self watering for houseplants and picky plant people :)

✨Plants, pots, water vessels are for reference and inspiration

Size guide

Size guide:

20 cm (8 in) For pots up to 16 cm (6 in)high, or all setups with height difference up to 13 cm (5 in)

30 cm (12 in) For pots from 11 to 26 cm (4.5 to 10 in) high, or all setups with height difference up to 23 cm (9 in).

However - its OK to play around!


The colored plant straws are handmade and industrially powder coated aluminium with a matte, structured finish. Comes with a matching color, recycled cotton cord 

Brass is made in uncoated brass that will develop deep brown patina over time. The material can also be polished to forever glimmer in gold. Comes with an unbleached, warm white, recycled cotton cord  


30 cm Plant Straw
20 cm Plant Straw
How to set up Plant Straws?
More inspo! 🥰

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