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Wavy Blue
Wavy Blue
Wavy Blue

Wavy Blue

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What is it: Handmade trellis with a wavy side is inspired by bobby pins and natural branches

Why is it special:

  • Each trellis is hademade and unique, with more or less waves

  • Industrially powder coated with a glossy finish 

  • Can also be used for self watering by adding a cord set!

  • 0,25 m preggo is a special design inspired by a growing belly 🤰


0,25 m (10 in.) a stable pin for smaller plants or to keep the base together

0,5 m (20 in.) suits most! Sold out!

1 m (40 in.) for high climbers

Note! The height and design varies as this is a handmade product. When using these for self watering, one end needs to be in water and the trellis won’t be quite as stable. 

More images coming soon! The setup shows size 0,5 m / 20 in. in peach

Wavy Blue