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Wavy Plant Pin

They're like a gigant bobby pin, for plants!

Wavy plant pins are back! 

These trellises are hand made and unique, but follow the same concept. No two look exactly the same, and they all have more or less waves :) Hope you like them!

Read more below if you want to use this as a Plant Straw!

Is this a Plant Straw?

The two smaller sizes comes with a cotton cord, and can be used both as a plant straw for self watering and as a trellis for support.

The largest size does not include cords, and we recommend to use this big boi for support only. 

Plantstraws are designed to provide a slow steady flow of moisture, adjustable to suit your plant

Built to last - wash, cut off or replace the cord when needed, keep the Plant straw forever!

Self watering for houseplants and picky plant people :)

✨Plants, pots, water vessels are for reference and inspiration

What is a Plant Straw?


Industrially powder coated aluminium with a matte, structured finish

Size guide

The heights listed are approximate, as all items are unique.

Small: 25 cm / 9.5 in.
Medium: 50 cm / 18 in.
Large: 1 m / 3.3 ft

Make a Coco Pole!

Turn your trellis into a Coco Pole by getting a Coco mat. Check out these guides for inspiration, or set your imagination free!
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