My plant is getting to much water at once

Q: Just after I installed, the vase emptied out in a matter of hours (i noticed it the morning after) What happened? The soil is soggy and water even leaked out on the tray. 

A: Your Plant Straw just became a siphon. I'm so sorry! For this to happen, two things needs to be true:

  1. There is zero air inside the straw. There are usually tiny air pockets in the cotton cord, but in your case they were all filled with water.
  2. The water level is higher than the end of the straw. 

Remove the Plant Straw, and allow the soggy soil to dry up. Squeeze the entire cord before re-installing. It should be moist, but not dripping wet. If you get this part right, you shouldn't have to worry about the water level in comparison to the plant.

After you've installed - Place the set up on a larger tray/non-sensitive surface and make sure it's OK.