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As advertised

Thanks so much, came beautifully packed and as advertised!

Surprised not to receive the water bowls also

I was surprised to receive a relatively flat box containing my multiple sets of plant straws- where were the lovely glass globes? Only when I started reading reviews did I discover I was not the only one who perceived that a plant straw included the glass globes they are pictured with. For me this changes the value of them pretty significantly as I now have to find something similar and buy them- making the straws themselves seem quite expensive for being a piece of string and length of curved metal tube. I’m grateful to have figured this out before I planned to give them as gifts so I have time to sort it out, but I’m disappointed that it is not more clear on the site that the globes are a separate purchase.

Hi! Thanks for being the second to highlight this issue, I've taken a few steps and I'm swapping some of the images to show a greater diversity shortly! I'm all for mindful consumption, and the straws can really be used with any vessel of choice. Many customers use a vase they already have at home. ☺️ Thanks for supporting small!


Thank you for your efficiency and attention to details! it’s a present for my mom, she still hasn’t seen it…!

Unclear marketing

The straws are really beautiful, but it was very unclear that they did not come with the water vases when every single picture is including the water vases. So now I have four expensive straws and no way to actually use them. So now I need to place another order and wait weeks and weeks for it to arrive. ☹️

Thanks so much for posting a review about your plant straws! I’ll off course review the product page in an attempt to minimize misunderstandings such as this one. Thank you! You’ve also received an email from me, as I'd love to sort this out! Here’s a brief summary: You can also use the plant straws with other vases or bottles that you already have at home. Check out the inspiration feed at the bottom of the product page to see how other people style and use them! Your order was delivered within the time specified for the service you selected, there are also faster options. It was fulfilled within 24h, the review was posted 9 days after that. Fingers crossed this business grows so we can sign an agreement with a fulfillment center in the US in the future! Lastly, I hope that you’ve chosen to purchase plant straws because it’s something that you needed, and that you’ll love and keep for a long time. The prices are at a level that makes many think twice, rather than over consuming. /Elin

Älskar mina!

Nu är elin som grundat plantstraws en nära vän så jag är partisk men plantstraws är bäst?! det har varit så fantastiskt att följa det här företaget växa och utvecklas! Har haft ett par plantstraws sen dag ett och brukar ge bort dem i present också för de passar ju (med undantag personer som inte har växter hemma men räknas det ens som ett hem då?!) alla!! Heja heja ni kommer inte bli besvikna!

"Älskar, räddningen för mina palettblad! Får massa komplimanger för dessa, och har köpt till vänner."

Räddade sommaren!! Helt sjukt?! tack!!

Installerade i Juli, kom hem i augusti... ALLT klarade sig så mkt bättre

Used these on the balcony. I think if the sun is very strong, they need even more water. Plants in the shade did well!

Plant Straw Brass
Josefin L.

Funkade för mig från midsommar till nu! Använde en magnum vinflaska. Ska ha en mindre finare nu när jag är hemma. Kanske Bubble!

Gave these to my sister. She likes them!

Blev jättebra !

Plant Straw Black
William N.

I'd love to understand why it emptied the water at once first time but redid it like Elin said and it worked?

so cool. Love the concept!!!

Thank you!

Not sure who enjoys them more, me or my plants but everyone is very satisfied!

Finare än själva blomman :)

Nöjd, tack för fint paket!


Fick bästa presenten! kommer använda till palettblad tänkte jag. Enda problemet är att jag behöver fler hehehe

Bästa påskägget? Älskar mina straws!!

Snabb leverans och lika fina som på bild

I think these are very cool but I have so many plants so I will look for a different solution.