About Plantstraws

Welcome to Plantstraws, the small-scale design and production studio founded and run by me, Elin Fyhr. Our mission is to make plant care effortless and beautiful, with handmade design that lasts.

Handmade Design, Made to Last

I believe that design should be playful, curious, and unhurried. That's why everything we make is handmade in-house by me and my father, using sustainable materials like metal and recycled cotton. While Plantstraws are perfect for thirsty houseplants, what I really hope they'll do is to inspire creativity!

Curated Collection of Accessories

In addition to our signature Plantstraws, I've curated a collection of vases, scoops, and scissors that I love and think you will too. Each piece is carefully selected to be a perfect companion to your plants, and the Plantstraws.

Limited Editions

I love to experiment and have fun with new colors and designs, and occasionally I release limited editions and add pieces to my signature series! These exclusive products are handmade with the same care and attention to detail as the regular line, but only a select few will have the chance to own them. Keep an eye on my social media and newsletter for announcements on new limited editions, and don't miss your chance to add something truly special to your plant collection.

Shop Online or Find Plantstraws Locally

You can purchase Plantstraws online for both international and domestic shipping. If you're in Stockholm, you can also visit my studio at St. Eriksplan and pick up your order instead! Additionally, we work with a selection of independent plant businesses across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. They've got some seriously cool stuff! Find a reseller!

Join The Community

Follow @plantstraws on Instagram and TikTok for some quirky videos, pretty photos of pretty plant, and a chance to join my small but mighty community in shaping new designs and colors. Don't settle for ugly plant care - step up your plant game today!

Contact details

Studio address: Norrbackagatan 9, Sankt Eriksplan, Stockholm. Please contact me ahead of visiting to make sure I'm in! 

Plantstraws AB
Stockholm, Sweden
VAT number 559308214101

PLANTSTRAWS® is a registered trademark, and the design rights for our products belong to Plantstraws AB. The products were designed by Elin Fyhr, and all rights are reserved under copyright law. Copyright © 2023 Plantstraws AB. ✌️

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