About Plantstraws

Hi there! 

P L A N T S T R A W S is a small scale design and production studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s founded and run by me, Elin Fyhr. As a designer, my creative process is curious and playful, but also unhurried and picky. I strive to create products that are both useful and long lasting, objects to be kept and cared for, loved and cherished. 

Production & design 

Everything we do is handmade in-house, by the strongest of teams: my father & myself. Manufacturing and designing at the same time enables us to play! It also opens up for fun collaborations, new colors and designs are created together with you. Join in on all decisions on social media!! 

Having our own production and sourcing all materials within the northern part of Europe means we can ensure fair pay and working conditions as well as minimizing transports.

Plant Straws

🌱🍹Plant Straws are for self-watering thirsty house plants both indoor and outdoors. While serving a functional purpose, I hope the shape encourages you to create, style and love your plants and home even more!

Plant Straws are made of metal and recycled cotton. They are available in black and brass, as well as temporary color collections. 

Limited collections & items

A lot of unique items are created thanks to the iterative and playful design and manufacturing process I work with. I cultivate the concepts and gather them into limited series and collections!

The Wavy Collection is a limited series of hand made trellises for plants that come in three sizes. It’s a family of fun shapes for trailing vines! The two smaller sizes ship with cords to turn them into a plant straw, so you can use the trellis for self watering as well! 

🌏 Where to buy? 🌎

Plant straws are available online for international shipping or for local pick up at my studio in Stockholm, St. Eriksplan.  

I also work with a selection of independent planty businesses in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Find a list of them here! 


For general or press enquiries: elin@plantstraws.se
For whole sale and retail enquiries: retail@plantstraws.se 
Instagram @plantstraws
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Plantstraws AB
Stockholm, Sweden
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PLANTSTRAWS is a registered EU Trademark of Plantstraws AB, pending US registration. The Industrial design rights is belongs to Plantstraws AB.