About Plantstraws

Plantstraws is a creative studio and product, online store and instagram account established in 2019 by Elin Fyhr.

The physics class

As one end of a cord is soaked under water, capillary action moves water to the drier side in a constant stride for balance. This is a slow process, where a a low but even level of water is made available to your plant. The moisture level is simply adjusted by using a longer section of cord in the soil. 

The plantstraws can also be used as a siphone, meaning water is pushed to your plant and the vase is emptied faster. This happens when the cord is already completely saturated upon setup, and the water level in the vase is above the outlet of the straw. As this could over water small plants or even cause water to leak out on to the floor, make sure the cord is moist but not soaked upon setup. 

My story

As a designer, my creative process is curious and playful, but also unhurried and picky. I strive to create useful and lasting objects that we want to keep and care for, and I invite my followers to co-create new concepts and things with me on Instagram. Please join! 

The plantstraws was originally created already in 2016 out of panic: weekly travels between Stockholm and Copenhagen had left some of my much loved plants in need off rescue from my scattered style. I came to treat it with a strong, calming shape combined with a well tested technical watering solution. 

To me, the origin of a product is equally important as its presence and future, which is why I strive for fair manufacturing and transparent sourcing of materials. All things are currently handmade by myself or my father and supplies are sourced within the northern part of the EU to minimize transports and ensure fair pay. 

I have a diverse background, with studies in architecture and Chinese, as well as a degree in engineering. Apart from the founding of Plantstraws, I have spent the last 10 years exploring and merging engineering and architecture, through my practice as a design engineer.