• Sensual, sinuous, beautiful, and functional, wins this year's "Best in Show" at Formex Design Talents"

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  • "We don’t usually recommend gifts with long delivery time, but these plantstraws are so beautiful, we think they’re worth it!”

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  • "And these plants have never been happier. They went from no new leaves, to new leaves on every stem. My monstera deliciosa is even getting leaves with fenestrations!”

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  • See what other people think, our customers rate Plantstraws 4.7/5 based on 61 reviews 🙌!

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The Soft Palette

  • Original Design

    Support the artist and a small, independent brand 🫶

  • Handmade in Sweden

    Crafted by hand in our own workshop, ensuring the highest attention to detail

  • International Shipping

    We ship internationally from our warehouse and shop in Sweden

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    Lightning-fast express shipping available ⚡️

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How does a Plantstraw work?

The cord conducts water, so the soil stays moist!

Simply moisten the cord, place one end in water, and adjust the length of the other end to control the moisture level before placing it in the dirt.

Wash, cut down, or replace the cord as needed over time — Keep your Plantstraw forever!

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A favourite material


Solid brass [Cu₃Zn₂] develops a beautiful patina through oxidation, enhancing its appearance over time. The cord is made from recycled cotton, just like the ones in our colored straws.

All of our straws are handmade with nerdy attention to detail and a geeky passion for quality materials.

Shop now to experience craftsmanship and natural materials! 🤍

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