Welcome to the Plantstraws shop

Welcome to the Plantstraws shop

for picky plant people

Seconds & Samples Sale!

sold out :(

This time its for a bunch of Original Plantstraws and Wavy Collection Plant Pins** that have issues* (I mean who doesn't and there's nothing wrong with that?!)

Cords for self watering in surprise colors are included with all Original Plantstraws & Wavy size 25 cm (10in) and 50 cm (20in). Self watering with the highest trellis (Wavy 1 m (40in) ) is not recommended. 

*for example variations in color, scratches, stains. Wavy plant pins can have legs of different lengths or be slightly twisted.
**If it says sold out or not avaliable, try a different size+color combo :)

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Original Brass

Regular price 275 kr

The original of the originals is... brass! This baby was our first, and she's here to grow old with you as she ages to a deep brown in contact with soil and air

Just like you and your plants, she'll only become more beautiful with time

A timeless classic in its purest form

ps. can also be polished to forever glimmer in gold ds.

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Original Black

Regular price 275 kr

Ever found yourself struggling to pick the right color?

If you're anything like me, you probably just chose black.

I'd say its the essential color

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The Original Set

Regular price 525 kr

New! The original Plantstraws is now come in sets!

A combination of two Plantstraws in the same color but different sizes was your most favourite order combo in shitty 2020

To make 2021 slightly easier,
you now only have to click once!

Save your finger, save some money

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Happy cord!

Regular price 35 kr

"Essentials smentials!" said the plants. "We cant color!"

Well lucky for them, all Plantstraws can be upgraded to a more schmancy self. Paired with a glass vase, it acctually looks pretty chic

Plus. Extends the life time of your Plantstraw as the cord is all you'll eventually have to exchange

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