Adjusting moisture level

Adjusting moisture level

About 10 days after hooking this Muehlenbeckia up with a plant straw, I noticed the vines looked a little sad and some of the leaves had become dry. I gave it some water - and the next day she looked happy again. It was clearly not getting enough water... But that can be fixed and here's how! 

Plant and tools

I gathered the thirsty plant, some extra soil, a (favorite!) scoop and water, and removed the plant straw for the plant.

Hand holding a shorter black cord Hand holding a longer black cord

I had originally added about a 10-15 cm of the cord in the pot, but as the amount of moisture provided was not enough I decided to go for about double the length. 

Black cord in a pot Hand pushing cord into soil

I circled the cord around the base of the plant, and used a stick to gently push it down into the soil (without damaging the roots to much)

Scoop with soil
I decided to top up with some more soil, in order to get the cord further down into the pot. This minimizes evaporation to the surrounding air.
Water poured over a plant Plant on a bench
I finished up by giving some more water to the plant, before I placed it back in its position! 
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