Grow Spring Flowers Indoors

Grow Spring Flowers Indoors

Say hi to spring early by planting common spring bulbs indoors! These bulbs can be saved and planted outside later to continue growing as regular spring bulbs, so they come back year after year wherever you put them. 

In the warmth inside, they bloom earlier than they normally would outside.

bulbs in a bowl from the top
bulbs with roots
The bulbs don't need a lot soil, so they can be arranged in bowls.
Circle a length of the wick at the bottom to keep it moist, and arrange bulbs on top!
  • The bulbs need adequate moisture to sprout, but it's important to keep in mind that they can be delicate and susceptible to rot. Water from the bottom, or use a Plant straw to keep the soil moist!
  • Bulbs bloom in 2-4 weeks (depending on the type) if you plant them in a warm and well-lit place, and water them regularly.
Beige Plantstraw in a bowl with tulipsBrass plantstraw in a bowl with tulips
White flowers, warm white ceramics and a beige & brass Plantstraw!
  • Covering the soil with decorative stones and gravel looks pretty, and can also help to drain excess water away from the surface.
  • Once the flowers have withered, cut off the stems and save the bulbs indoors until the leaves have died back. Then, you can plant them outdoors to continue growing as regular spring bulbs. Plant the bulbs about three times as deep as the height of the bulb, and they should come back year after year!
Flower arrangement with white tulips

Can't wait for snowdrops, crocuses and tulips!

Spring comes early this year! 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 Let me know if you try this! /Elin



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