Writer of the My Plant Community blog are passionate plant people! Get to know us below, and don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions using the comments-form on each post! 

Elin Fyhr

Elin Fyhr

Constantly creating stuff and growing things, and the founder of Plantstraws! Elin writes about plant styling, people and places, and how the Plantstraws actually work! 

Charlie Persson

Meet Charlie, our avid grower and passionate plant enthusiast. He's a firm believer in the philosophy that only the best will do, and brings this dedication to his work as a plant guide and portrait writer. With a deep love for all things green, Charlie provides invaluable guidance on plant care and cultivation. When he's not tending to his garden, you can find him chatting with fellow growers and design enthusiasts, as he's always seeking to expand his knowledge and deepen his understanding of this fascinating subject.

Amy Reed

Amy is a freelance content writer living in Essex, UK. After renovating her home, she now specializes in writing for all things Home & Garden. As a nature-lover and sustainable shopper, Amy often writes for eco-brands, blogs and construction companies. In her spare time, she loves propagating plants, tending to her vegetable patch, and looking after her lawn like it’s part of the family!


Mary Connors

Mary is a freelance content writer, originally from London, UK. She has a background in sustainability and has an MSc in Environment and Resource Management from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Since graduating, she has been working with start-ups and enterprises to create content about sustainability issues. Well-informed and passionate about the environment, Mary has written about key issues such as food waste, circular design and ocean conservation.

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