How long can I leave my houseplants?

Q: I'll be gone four weeks this summer, can I leave my plant with just a plant straw??? or how long does it last?

A: With a Plant Straw installed - you can indeed leave your plants for quite some time and the bigger your vase/vessel is, the longer you can leave them! In addition to water though, plants need fertilizers and light.

When indoor plants are not getting enough nutrients, they adapt by growing slower, and loose leaves. Consider a slow-release fertilizers if you want to leave for a long time. To reduce germs and bacterial build up, do not add liquid fertilizers to the water in your vase. 

Prepare your vacation watering

  • At least as long before leaving as you plan on staying away, install the Plant Straw
  • Watch the plant over the coming weeks, and adjust the length of the wick if needed
  • Remember to swap for a larger vase if it’s emptied faster than anticipated

Best-practice self watering

  • Do a test! Set up the plant straw before leaving, track the progress, and leave home knowing confidently how long your plants are fine for 🌱🍹
  • Less water will evaporate from the vase if it has a narrow opening, making it last longer
  • When using an organic liquid fertilizer: Flush the soil with water until the water starts leaking through the drainage holes. Let it drip off, then give your fertilizer solution of choice. Repeat this on the recommended schedule, typically 1-2 times per month