How to fertilize self-watering plants?

Q: Can I add fertilizer to the water vessel? 

A: We do not recommend this, for several reasons. Water soluble fertilizers are (generally) not supposed to be given a little at the time. As they contain live microbiome they shouldn't be exposed to UV light, and adding fertilizer to the water can cause unhealthy germs and bacteria to build up in the vessel. 

Instead, to give fertilizer to self watering plants, we recommend that you first flush the plant with water until the water starts leaking through the drainage holes. I.e normal top watering! 🤗 Let it drip off, before giving your fertilizer solution of choice.

Repeat this on the recommended schedule of your fertilizer product, typically 1-2 times per month.

Another option that will keep your plants self supported for longer is a slow-release fertilizer, mixed into the soil of your plant.