How to set up Plant Straws?

Q: How to install the straw?! 👀

A: Glad you asked! It's not very complicated, and the easiest way to do it is to simply lift the plant out of its pot to get the wick down into the soil, under the roots. Here's how!

How to use?

  1. Moisten the entire wick before you begin, this will help ensure water can flow from vase to plant.
  2. Gently lift out your plant from its pot, and circle the moist wick at the pot's base or around the roots. Nestle your plant back into its pot, aim for the end the metal tube to be at least 3 cm/1 in into the soil.
  3. Pop the other end of the straw into a container of water and give your plant a thorough watering.

Gradually adjust your current watering routine over a period of 2-3 weeks, especially for delicate plants.

Helpful Hacks

  • Did you know that you can control moisture by adjusting the length of cotton wick that goes into the soil? More wick means more moisture, so you can make the straws work for little sprouts or majestic ferns, growth periods or rest periods.
  • The straws help keep the soil evenly moist. Use them for plants that thrive under such conditions, like those from rainforest and swamp environments.
  • Refill and shift the water in the vase regularly. We recommend changing the water and thoroughly watering your plants with fertilizer once a month.
  • Wash, trim, or replace the wick as it wears out over time. Use a nylon thread to guide the new wick through the tube. Shift the wick whenever you notice a change in how your plants are doing, or when you’re repotting.
  • The straws are asymmetric to allow for a variety of setups, and you can use either end in your plant.