I accidentally pulled the string out of my Plant Straw!

Q: I just bought a Plant Straw today! Unfortunately, I accidentally pulled the string out too much and now one end is stuck inside the straw. Do you have any tips or videos on how to get the other end of the string out? Thanks!

A: Hi! To get it back in, you’ll need a fishing line or a flexible needle, and if you don’t have one, I’d be happy to send one over! It's also included with the replacement cords

We are so thankful you brought the issue to our attention! To prevent this from happening, we’ve begun making knots at each end of the cord before packing Plant Straws! 

Plant Straws bought directly from us have knots at the ends! If you got yours from one of our resellers that have had them in stock for a long time, consider making knots on your own as you’re unpacking ☺️)