My plant is not getting enough water

Q: I've had my plant straw installed for about two weeks now, but I'm afraid my plant is not getting enough water. The top layer is all dry & the leaves are getting crispy... should i water as well or what do i do??  

A: First question - The top layer will stay dry, and the moisture is now deeper down where the cord and roots are. 

Second question, crispy (or yellow) leaves could be a warning sign and something might be wrong. Trouble shoot by watering your plant, if it cheers up your assumption is right and it's not getting enough water from the plant straw. 

  • Reinstall the plant straw, and use a longer length of the cord in the soil this time 
  • Make sure that the entire cord is moist and squeezed out before re-installing 
  • Water your plant thoroughly after you've installed
  • Keep an eye on your set up, and repeat the above steps if necessary
  • Bonus: Consider continue top watering your plant with nutrients around once a month or so, to maintain a natural routine where you check in with your plants. 

If the plant does not do any better after its been given water, consider other factors. Has it been moved to a sunny spot? Are the seasons shifting? Check for root rot as well, to make sure the plant is not over watered.