What is Plantstraws?

A Plant Straw is a sculpture that makes your plants look prettier & make them water themselves!


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Plants are amazing!

> clean the air
> makes any space look good
>>> boost moods, increase creativity & reduce stress 😲

However: some are kind of needy!
(Raise your hand if you ever killed a fern? I'll go first! 🙋‍♀️)

Play play play!

Did you know - both millennials and Gen Z in general strongly dislike repetitive tasks?

I thought I was a lazy snowflake, but turned out a lot of us just wants to... ⤵

> play
> express ourselves/our opinions &
> be creative

Enter: Plant Straws!

The trick? A wick!

A cotton wick runs through the straw. With one end placed in water, the entire wick soon absorbs water.

And as the wick stays damp... So does the surrounding soil.

Hi, I'm Elin!

While serving a functional purpose, I hope the shape encourages you to create, style and love your plants and home even more!

Plant Straws are made of metal and recycled cotton.

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