Watering Plants, The Stylish Way: Meet Elin Fyhr, the Designer Behind Plantstraws

Watering Plants, The Stylish Way: Meet Elin Fyhr, the Designer Behind Plantstraws

From Sweden to the World: Elin Fyhr's Self-Watering Plantstraws Are Making a Splash

Are you dreaming of plants that water themselves? Well, Elin Fyhr, a Swedish entrepreneur from Vetlanda, has turned that dream into a reality. Her self-watering irrigation system, known as Plantstraws, has won the "Best in Show" award at Formex Design Talents, a renowned trade fair for interior products. The recognition is timely as Plantstraws is already a hit in the United States, and the Swedish market is just waking up to it.

Plantstraws became 'Best in Show' in the Design Talent section for new designers and companies, at the trade fair Formex. Here, owner Elin Fyhr is standing in the booth.

How It All Began

Elin's journey started during her architecture studies in Copenhagen. Juggling student life in Copenhagen and visits to her boyfriend in Stockholm, she had many plants in both cities that needed tending. Unhappy with existing solutions, which she found unattractive, Elin decided to take matters into her own hands. Using skills she acquired in metalwork courses, she began developing her self-watering system.

The Beauty of Functionality

What sets Plantstraws apart? It's not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. "It's essential for me that things are not just functional but also good-looking," says Elin. The product relies on an age-old principle: wicking water from a source to the plant through a rope. Elin added her modern twist by running the rope through a metal tube, making it a fashionable piece of home décor.

It should be stylish, not just functional, says Elin Fyhr. Along the way, she has learned that many swamp plants thrive best with consistent moisture. 

Skyrocketing Success

Four years ago, with zero business experience but a heart full of passion, Elin launched Plantstraws. She started by gauging interest on Instagram. The product quickly gained traction in the U.S., thanks to influencers who featured it, striking photography and some serious hashtag researching (yes that was a big game back then). Plantstraws has been a holiday gift recommendation in The New York Times Wirecutter ever since its first Christmas season.

The Family Business

Unknown to many, the self-watering systems are produced in Vetlanda, Sweden, where Elin's father, Tomas Fyhr, is responsible for manufacturing them in a converted garage. "It's small but growing," says Elin, who is currently running Plantstraws full-time while also working on architectural consultancy projects.

Elin Fyhr's self-watering systems are made in Vetlanda and have become popular in the United States. Elin's father, Thomas Fyhr, is responsible for production.

The Future Looks Bright

Recognition at Formex is a game-changer for Plantstraws, especially in the Swedish market. "It’s an exciting opportunity to reach more retailers," says Elin, confident that Plantstraws will continue to be a self-manufactured venture.

If you’ve been looking for a stylish yet functional solution for your plants, Plantstraws might be just what you need!

*This blog post is based on an article originally written in Swedish by Ariana Carlén, published September 15, 2023 in Vetlanda-Posten.*

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