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Pipe Vase

Pipe Vase

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The Pipe by DBKD

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I love this sleek cylinder vase with asymmetric pipe! It honestly a perfect vase for any size of our Plantstraws, or why not a solitary flower now that summers around the corner?

When I shared a video of this vase on my instagram earlier this year, over 400 people voted for this one to be taken in so here we are! Say hi to Pipe vase from Swedish brand DBDK!! 🥰

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The narrow opening makes less water evaporate to the surrounding air, and helps your plant straw stand up.

Also great for supporting cuttings and flowers!

Safety Precautions

Fire hazard. Please note that glass objects in direct sunlight can potentially reflect high concentrated beams of light and start fires. Therefore avoid placing the glass globe in direct sunlight.


It’s easy to clean with our cleaning beads, soap and water, but it’s also dishwasher proof.

Origins & Materials

Glass. Made in China.


Small Pipe: Ø 7cm, high 12cm (Ø 2.75in, 4.7in high),
Large Pipe Ø 10cm, high 14 cm (Ø 3.9in, 5.5in high)

This vase will pair well with both sizes of Plantstraws

  • Endless Plantlove
  • We ship from Sweden
  • SOS Plant Support
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  • Step 1

    Moisten the entire wick!

  • Step 2

    Circle a length of the wick at the bottom of the pot, or loosely around the roots.

    Pro tip: A longer length means more moisture for your plant!

  • Step 3

    Put your plant into the pot, add soil and water and stabilize!

    You're ready to show off your new setup!

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  • Awarded Design

    Sensual, sinuous, beautiful, and functional, wins this year's "Best in Show" at Formex Design Talents"

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  • Selected Gift

    Sculptural and gallery-worthy Plant Care!

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  • Recommended Plantcare

    "And these plants have never been happier. They went from no new leaves, to new leaves on every stem. My monstera deliciosa is even getting leaves with fenestrations!”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christmas anticipation

Bought these as a Christmas gift for someone very much into plants. If he could live in a greenhouse he would! Can’t wait to see what he thinks!


Gorgeous and useful describes this product. I am enjoying my purchase that is extremely useful in my journey to successfully grow begonias. The plants that I have chosen to focus on are temperamental regarding their water and moisture needs.
I have studied for over a year on the necessary elements for growing my Mallet begonias! Who would now that a technique I learned in elementary school could make such an amazing difference in my journey to successfully grow the gorgeous Mallet begonias!
I am thrilled!


So sleek and beautiful. This ups my plant display 100 %. I am so excited every time I check on my plants.
Begonia growers will love this technique. My plants are absorbing water as they need it. Such a wonderful age d technique with a modern and lovely twist!