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2-pack Original Replacement Cords Kit

2-pack Original Replacement Cords Kit

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Recycled Cotton Wicks

Looking for a way to keep your Plantstraws looking and working like new, or to update it with some added color? These Replacement Kits has got you covered!

This kit includes two recycled cotton wicks in the same color, along with a nylon line to help thread the Plantstraws. Plus, the kit comes in a cute paper pouch, making it a great gift together with a set of Plantstraws for the plant lover in your life.

How often should I replace the ropes?

You don't have to change the wicks in your Plantstraws unless you see a change in how your plant is doing, when you're repotting or when you want to change the appearance of your setup. But when the time comes, the Colored Replacement Kit is a must-have accessory!


- A nylon line is included to help thread the Plant Straw

Origins & Materials

Recycled cotton cord made in Poland. Nylon line made in China. Paper and plastic pouch made in Spain.


Two ropes, color as indicated in the photos. Each segment of rope is 1.5 meters (4.9 ft), just like when you purchase Plantstraws. The nylon line is also 1.5 m (4.9 ft).

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  • 1. Prepare the Nylon Line:

    Take the nylon line and straighten it, making sure it's free from knots.

    Thread one end of the nylon line through a mask at the edge of the rope.

    Pull the nylon line so that it’s at the middle of its length, ensuring it's tightly attached to the edge of the rope. Alternatively (if you're a scout!) you can secure it with a uni knot.

  • 2. Insert the Nylon Line into the Plantstraw:

    Push the end(s) of the nylon line into one end of the straw. Keep pushing the nylon line through, bit by bit. If you're having trouble, try straightening the nylon line for easier navigation.

    Continue until you see the end(s) of the nylon line coming out of the other side.

  • 3. Pull the Rope Through the Plantstraw:

    Start pulling the nylon line steadily.

    As the rope nears the edge of the straw, use your fingers to guide it in if needed.

    Keep pulling the nylon line firmly until the rope is fully threaded through the straw.

    Voila! Your straw is as good as new!

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  • Awarded Design

    Sensual, sinuous, beautiful, and functional, wins this year's "Best in Show" at Formex Design Talents"

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    Sculptural and gallery-worthy Plant Care!

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  • Recommended Plantcare

    "And these plants have never been happier. They went from no new leaves, to new leaves on every stem. My monstera deliciosa is even getting leaves with fenestrations!”

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