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Bubble Vase

Ultra clear glass in a simple design!

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125.00 kr

A minimal bubble vase, in the same style used in most of our photos. Love it because its so minimal and elegant 🤍


The narrow opening makes less water evaporate to the surrounding air, and helps your plant straw stand up. Also great for supporting cuttings and flowers.

Borosilicate glass is light weight, super thin and very clear so they really show of the color of the wick or stalk.

Size guide

10 cm (3.9in), Volume 50 cl (17 fl oz)
12 cm (4.7in), Volume 90 cl (30 fl oz)
Both sizes can be used with both sizes of plant straws.


Borosilicate glass. Made in Hong Kong.


Fire hazard. Please note that glass objects in direct sunlight can potentially reflect high concentrated beams of light and start fires. Therefore avoid placing the glass globe in direct sunlight.