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Vase Cleaning Beads

Vase Cleaning Beads

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Stainless Steel Beads

The absolute easiest way to clean your vases and up-cycled bottles with narrow necks, is to use these steel beads!

Read why below, and check out the video how to do it!

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    This product comes from the wine world, where it's used to clean wine decanters!

    I love using them to clean and descale the inside of second hand vases and bottles, that can sometimes be a little nasty.

    Add vinegar to the water for extra cleaning power against scale.

    Safety Precautions

    Choking hazard, do not eat. Keep away from children.


    - Carefully pour the beads into your vessel, and add dish soap and water.

    - Swirl the vessel (never EVER shake!) and let the metal beads to the job!

    - Pour the water and beads into the bag, tie it, rinse and leave to dry.

    Abstract? Check out the video below 😌

    Origins & Materials

    Box: Steel. Beads: 302 Food Grade Stainless steel. Bag: Fast drying nylon. Made in China.

    Make sure the beads and bag is dry before putting them back into the box.


    Stainless steel beads 35g. For cleaning vases, bottles and larger decanters.

    How to use cleaning beads

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    Nancy K.H.
    watering rope

    The unnecessarily extremely thin glass container broke into a million pieces the minute I gently inserted the straw into the container.

    Oh no, the bubbles are indeed very thin and delicate! We take this very seriously and want to make it right for you. Please email us and we'll work together to find a solution that works best for you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for giving us the opportunity to make things better!

    Patricia S.

    Bubble Vase