How to make a coco pole - Hairy Legs

How to make a coco pole - Hairy Legs

The coco mat can be used in a variety of ways to create fluffy coco poles for your favorite trailing or climbing plants. Make your plants love your home as much as you do, by treating them something that looks more like a home to them.

Follow the steps below to recreate your own "Hairy Legs" coco pole!


The concept is simple - Cut off a long segment, fold it and sew it together into a long tube. Thread the tube to a stable structure, such as one of a wavy plant pin.

In the example above, I used three "sections" of coco to get a flexible tube that would follow the shape of my plant pin. You can use more to get a thicker pole, or fewer to make a narrow one. 

Let the stitches be part of your design! Make crosses, lines, wrap around or try to hide them. Making shorter samples first is fun, and gives you a sense of how the material behaves when folded and arched. 

Inspiration for stitches




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