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Coco mat

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Coco coir mat for making your own coco poles! 🥥🌴

Why make a pole?

A climbing plants best friend!

Many of our most common house plants are so called epiphytes. In nature, they climb mossy trunks and trees in their search for light, water and nutrients.

Epiphytes get their water and energy not only from roots anchored to the ground, but from air roots along their stem to! 

Treat your epiphyte plants to a soft, pillow fluffy trellis and make them feel right at home in your house too! 

How to make a pole?

I've created two concepts using a coco mat and my wavy plant pins, to make coco poles. I call them Hairy Legs and The Pad. Click the links for instructions and inspiration!


About coco coir

Coco coir comes from the shell and fibers of coconuts, and is considered a waste product from the food- and beauty industry.

Unlike peat moss that takes 100-1000 years to form, it’s renewable.

The coco fibers are mounted to a jute fabric, which makes this coco mat possible to cut, roll and sew it into desired shapes. 

 One roll of unbleached cotton yarn is included with every order! 

Size guide

Size S/M:

The coco mat is 24 by 90 cm (9.45x2.9ft). 

Need a small or medium sized coco pole? Get this size!

As an example - you'll be able to make two pair of Hairy Legs or one two-sided pad for a trellis that is 50 cm (20 in) tall, such as a medium size wavy plant pin

Size M/L:

The coco mat is 30 by 180 cm (11.8x5.9ft).

Want to create something big? This big chunk is waiting for you!

As an example - you can make make two pair of hairy legs or one two-sided pad for the trellis that is 1 m (3.3ft) tall, such as my large sized wavy plant pin


More inspo! 🥰

Tag your plants @plantstraws on instagram to make them famous ✨