The Coco Pole Challenge!

The Coco Pole Challenge!

Epiphytes, orchids and MORE love climbing trunks. They wanna cuddle air roots into moss and bark, climb towards the light and absorb a bit of moisture. We want to create something indoorsy for them, right?

Moss poles are (hate to remind you but) ugly. Does the job perhaps, hidden under foliage in some cases yes... But when they stick up? 🍆

Houseplants deserve 👏 not 👏ugly!

Peat moss is considered a non-renewable resource, we're currently taking more than tthe earth creates, so let's use less. Spagnum moss is responsibly harvested in a just a few places, so let's responsibly use it when it is truly beneficial.

Coco coir on the other hand is considered a waste product of the food industry. That doesn’t mean it’s waste, just that there is an excess of coco coir available. Read that again, and compare it to moss: Coco coir is a waste product, we already have more than we need.

If you agree with me on the following :

  • Plants deserve an indoors climbing area
  • We say no to ugly 🚫🍆
  • Coco is amazing

Let’s make pretty coco poles together!

I've found a fluffy coco mat that's easy to cut and sew, and I've created two designs that are easy to recreate. But I do look forward to other ideas as always!

Competition 2021-09-23 — 2021-12-23

  1. Make a coco pole!
  2. Take a nice photo of it
  3. Share on instagram and/or in Plantstraws United (our FB support group!!)
  4. Tag both @plantstraws and use #cocopole

WIN: a PLANT STRAWS SET for Christmas! 

I don’t expect that many participants, so it should be a pretty big chance!

Competition ends December 23 at noon Sweden time.

The winner will be notified within 24 h of the closing of the competition. This giveaway isn’t endorsed, administrated or sponsored by Instagram or fb. I’m the only participant in the jury and I’m not corrupt. Shipping is included! Note! Open your IG profile or DM else I won’t see your entry.✌️